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If you are open, the universe will conspire to bring you the right book at the right time — when you need it.

A friend will suggest a book to you, or it’s sitting on a table at a yard sale, or the cover catches your eye as you walk by the endcap in your favorite bookstore. A book will come across your path right when you are ready to meet it when the wisdom within its pages speaks to a particular problem you’re struggling to solve.

I feel fortunate for books that find me at just the right time…

And make 3K a month just from writing a few hours a day.

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If you’re having trouble establishing a writing habit, it may be because you don’t think of yourself as a writer. Call yourself a writer first. This may sound silly. You may be thinking, “well, I only make a few dollars from writing,” or even a few cents. That doesn’t matter; if you write, you are a writer.

Start with the name.

I’ve been writing every day for over a year and made money after the first month. But I’ve always considered myself a writer. Even when I was writing in a journal daily for my own satisfaction.

Identifying with the…

Even while she harassed me daily for two-plus years

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The first question people ask me is why? Why would someone do that, she had him.

My answer is, I do not know.

I have some thoughts, though.

When I found out my husband was having an affair with a mother at my daughter’s preschool, life changed instantly. What I knew as my everyday existence, before I found out, ended. Peace. Gone. Calm. Gone. Habits, routines, schedules. Gone, gone, gone.

All replaced by uncontrolled shaking (like jitters from drinking too much caffeine when I wasn’t drinking any) and stress caused by the woman my husband left for.

I’m not sure…

Some psychological and mental hacks to write yourself into making money online.

By Nick Starichenko

So you’d like to make some of the green stuff from writing. How hard can it be, right? You read about writers making X amount of dollars per month from blogging on various sites. And you think, if I could only make that, life would be grand! You imagine yourself rolling out of bed when you want, penning whatever inspiration is on your mind, and watching the money roll in.

Writers, especially on this platform and in Facebook forums, describe effortless money flooding into stripe accounts like super-spreaders flood into a Trump rally.

I’m one of those writers fortunate to…

Republicans use critical race theory to drive their base to the polls like they did with same sex marriage in 2004 — will it work again?

Source: Evelyn Hockstein / Reuters Angry parents and community members protest after a Loudoun County School Board meeting was halted by the school board because the crowd refused to quiet down.

The path to save the nation is very simple. It’s going to go through the school boards. — Steve Bannon

A battle in the culture war is being fought over critical race theory, which conservatives claim is being taught in K-12 schools nationwide.

You may have heard the term critical race theory on social media, news, and from Republicans trying to define it before anyone understands what critical race theory actually is. …

LFG — Making it on Medium

What I can teach you after crushing Medium for over two years.

By Andreshkova Nastya

Hello writer.

I assume you’re a writer who wants to make money from your work if you clicked on this post. I was you two years ago. It’s possible to make money online from writing. If I can do it with no professional experience, you can as well.

Some background: because I know not everyone has read my writing even though I have many followers and counting. My highest payout, just from this platform, was close to 7K. While things have changed around here, and the algorithm is not as generous with views, it is still possible to make money…

I need to feel like I can’t fit it in to get to great writing

By Dm_Cherry

If you don’t do it consistently, it’s not a habit. It’s a hobby.— James Clear

My daughter takes up a lot of space in my life. At every age she sails through. Emotionally, physically and spiritually, she takes up bandwidth in my brain and heart. This is how it is when you have children; they consume your waking and sleeping hours.

A quiet house and a blinker can be terrifying

Recently, she’s been traveling with friends. I haven’t seen her in over a week. When she gets back, she is off again with another friend’s family to a tropical island. Time off from cooking meals, driving her around town…

What is it you really want?

By GaudiLab

If you secretly despise wealth, it will elude you.

You don’t have to be born wealthy or privileged to make money and create wealth. That is a myth. Is it easier to make money when you have money? Hell, yes. But it’s also easier to lose it if you have no respect for the money you have.

A few months ago, someone on Twitter made a little over a million dollars from Dogecoin with a small initial investment. That is just one example of someone creating wealth from investing. And yes, while he’s probably already lost his newfound windfall and…

You don’t have to share every single thought with your partner.

By Lucky Business

Have you ever slept with someone you don’t really know, and the intimacy is high, the connection deep, and you wonder where this person has been all your life?

The connection is strong because there is a gulf between strangers; the psychological distance is already present between two people who’ve just met. It is a part of the structure. All the space between the couple who jumps into bed together allows them to imagine no space at all. This is one of the reasons it’s so easy for passions to arise with a new person. …

When it has nothing to do with you, but them.

By Iakov Filimonov

Recently I posted a story about an unfortunate encounter that happened in a restaurant. Here is the back story: I asked a woman to turn down the sound on her child’s smartphone in a restaurant because his blaring video noise dominated everyone’s eating experience — colored it with the opposite of calm.

The woman lost it. Her lizard brain took over. Her reaction went from zero to 60 on the emotional Richter scale within a few moments, threatening to “punch me in the face” and “don’t tell me how to raise my child.”

Before I wrote the piece titled, An…

Jessica Lynn

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