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And allow you to live by different rules.

If you are open, the universe will conspire to bring you the right book at the right time — when you need it.

A friend will suggest a book to you, or it’s sitting on a table at a yard sale, or the cover catches your eye as you walk by the endcap in your favorite bookstore. A book will come across your path right when you are ready to meet it when the wisdom within its pages speaks to a particular problem you’re struggling to solve.

I feel fortunate for books that find me at just the right time…

And make 3K a month just from writing a few hours a day.

If you’re having trouble establishing a writing habit, it may be because you don’t think of yourself as a writer. Call yourself a writer first. This may sound silly. You may be thinking, “well, I only make a few dollars from writing,” or even a few cents. That doesn’t matter; if you write, you are a writer.

Start with the name.

I’ve been writing every day for over a year and made money after the first month. But I’ve always considered myself a writer. Even when I was writing in a journal daily for my own satisfaction.

Identifying with the…

Why and how to write better.

There is no better medium of expression from one person to another than writing provides. Taking writing seriously for the last year and a half has changed my life. I’m making good money from this side hustle I love. I’m growing as a writer, gaining confidence from successes, allowing me to reach for more opportunities in the content creation domain.

But really, I’ve always considered myself a writer. Just never paid for my words until I got serious and got up the nerve to share publicly.

Though, I’d still write for free. The creative part of me demands I live…

I went “Into the Storm” for six hours and couldn’t wait to get out — now you don’t have to.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the HBO docuseries Q: Into the Storm and want to, you may want to stop reading this. It contains spoilers.

I just finished filmmaker Cullen Hoback’s six-part HBO docuseries “Q: Into the Storm” about the bizarre QAnon conspiracy. Now you don’t have to. Its believers are convinced Tom Hanks and other prominent liberals are kidnapping children and drinking their blood minus any actual evidence.

I attempted a second viewing for this article but couldn’t stomach spending one more minute with the characters that make up this docuseries. …

Find true fans that are yours alone.

I have a loyal readership base. It may not be as large as some of the writers who have been here for a while (although I’m nearly at 10K followers in under two years as a content creator). And it might not grow as fast as some of the creators who have YouTube channels (giving access to your audience via video is the fastest way to grow a fan base. Content consumption is easy via video. …

How to generate ideas all day long and never run out of things to write about.

Reading science, math, and philosophy for one hour per day will likely put you at the upper-echelon of human success within seven years. — Naval Ravikant

The reason prolific content creators can write a lot of content is they consume the right kind of content. Usually self-starters who are inner-directed they take learning seriously and are self-described autodidacts.

Always curious. Always learning.

Creators devour information through books, online material, podcasts, and video — think TED Talks — until the knowledge becomes a part of their thinking, absorbing it on a deep level, weaving it together with their perspective until it…

Some choices are too important to make with your short-term self in mind.

I came across a quote from Naval Ravikant in a book, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, written by Eric Jorgenson. Ravikant believes there are basically three really big decisions you make in your early life, and you should spend one or two years deciding these things. When I first read Naval’s advice, I laughed. Most people don’t take 6 months to decide major decisions, much less a few years. Then I thought, I wish I had this advice in my young adulthood. It would have saved me a lot of pain and money.

And while it is true that one…

“You’re in a cult.”

When my husband of ten years started having an affair with a “healer,” he lost his mind overnight. His personality changed from sweet, peaceful musician to arrogant, mean, and violent. When I say overnight, I’m not kidding. In a span of somewhere between a few weeks to a month, she had him participating in drunken guided mediations, burning pieces of paper with “trappings” written on them — releasing them once burnt — kundalini yoga, primal screaming while naked on the beach, and drinking heavily, and taking drugs, I just don’t know which ones. I found empty bottles of wine in…

No, we do not have to believe all women.

The Me Too movement ushed in a much-needed discussion about sexual abuse and sexual harassment. It gave women a public space to talk about allegations of sex crimes, especially at the hands of powerful men. Yes. Most women do not lie about sexual abuse or rape. That isn’t a thing. Many women face the terrible decision to come forward when they know they won’t be believed. They will most likely be shamed, treated like a criminal, have to go through humiliating tests, they are disregarded and dismissed most of the time. The Me Too movement changed those dated reactions and…

Be good to your future self.

Investing in stocks isn’t a get-rich-quick strategy. It is sound investing over a long period. While being patient. Honoring your future self.

Compounding interest applies to many areas in life, but nowhere more than investing. Investing is one of those domains where you can see the effects of compound interest over time in real numbers. In economics, the term time preference refers to the ratio at which individuals value the present compared to the future. As I just read in The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous, “The sobering reality to keep in mind is that a man’s lot in life…

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