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And allow you to live by different rules.

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If you are open, the universe will conspire to bring you the right book at the right time — when you need it.

A friend will suggest a book to you, or it’s sitting on a table at a yard sale, or the cover catches your eye as you walk by the endcap in your favorite bookstore. A book will come across your path right when you are ready to meet it when the wisdom within its pages speaks to a particular problem you’re struggling to solve.

I feel fortunate for books that find me at just the right time…

And make 3K a month just from writing a few hours a day.

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If you’re having trouble establishing a writing habit, it may be because you don’t think of yourself as a writer. Call yourself a writer first. This may sound silly. You may be thinking, “well, I only make a few dollars from writing,” or even a few cents. That doesn’t matter; if you write, you are a writer.

Start with the name.

I’ve been writing every day for over a year and made money after the first month. But I’ve always considered myself a writer. Even when I was writing in a journal daily for my own satisfaction.

Identifying with the…

Shut up and get vaccinated.

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A teen can’t drive a car with other teens riding in the same car because many teens in one car with an inexperienced driver increases the chance of collision. One can’t smoke inside because smoking causes cancer, even second-hand smoke. One can’t text and drive because driving while texting puts others in danger.

Until enough people are vaccinated, the spread of the virus, and other variants, are imminent. Sometimes we have to think about the whole, the collective, and not the individual.

Sometimes you have to think for yourself and not wait until a vaccine is fully FDA approved and…

How to survive Medium — write whatever you want.

By Dean Drobot

It’s a struggle on Medium. Recently, Ev highlighted a sentence in an article trashing writers who write about their financial success on Medium. See below,

Ten things to keep in mind when writing nonfiction.

By fizkes

By my calculation, I’ve written about 643,000 words in the last two years, and that’s a conservative estimate.

I’ve written.

A lot.

Here’s some advice that might help you if you’re just starting out on your writing journey. I’ve tried all of these strategies and continue to practice the craft of writing.


Another way to get better at writing nonfiction is to study other nonfiction writers and see what they do.

Most great nonfiction writers think in paragraph units, not in sentence units. Each paragraph has its own structure, which holds up the importance of each paragraph on its own.

“A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.”

Source: Tim’s Blog

Listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast for an hour or two is like taking an accelerated masterclass on life. As a student of his podcast for only the last few years, I’ve listened to him drill his guests on sleep, nutrition, health, HIIT training, how psychedelics heal trauma, essentialism, mindfulness, blockchain, grief, sexual abuse, forgiveness, and all kinds of emotional healing.

His podcast has attracted more female listeners recently because of how open he is about his past and recent gets like Elizabeth Lesser, Brené Brown, and Joyce Carol Oats.

His big yet-to-get get — Oprah! Queen of talk!


Oprah didn’t know PTSD affects people who suffer from childhood trauma.

Image Credit: Oprah Winfrey Wallpapers/Wallpapercave

I thought Oprah knew everything. I thought Oprah knew everything about emotional pain. Especially when talking about childhood trauma and emotional abuse.

Oprah has been open and honest about the abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of several family members. She has done countless shows on depression, domestic violence, and childhood trauma, both sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.

I watched her latest special on Apple TV+, The Me You Can’t See, Oprah candidly admits (like only Oprah knows how to with humility and authenticity) that she didn’t know people can, and often do, suffer from post-traumatic stress…

Healthy money habits make you wealthy in the long term, the fastest way to financial freedom.

By Prostock-studio

I’ve been learning about money my entire life — one of those dorky kids with a coin collection, plastic sleeves and all. You’d slide the coin in and label it. I had a whole book full. Basically, I’ve always loved money and the safety it brings.

If you want something, you should probably like it.

Then I met one of those teachers in high school you never forget. Mr. Watson made an impact. He wore tweed and looked old and wise, although looking back, I bet he wasn’t that old. But he was wise. He knew everything about economics and…

Energy management is the parent resource that determines all other resources.

By Alena Ozerova

There’s something liberating about having nothing left to lose. The only way to describe it is a feeling of awakening. Aliveness. A physical connection to everything around you that had been previously camouflaged by disappointment and resentment.

After I lost everything, here are some of the daily symptoms I experienced:

  • A letting go of trying to control things and just letting them happen
  • A loss of worry and judgment
  • A new ability to enjoy the moment
  • Overwhelming episodes of appreciation for people and nature
  • A feeling of possibility

These symptoms could have also been the upshot of getting out of a marriage that was crushing my soul. Whatever the cause doesn’t matter.


Five strategies for tranquility.

By Alena Ozerova

Balance is a useless goal. How can we be great parents, partners, lovers, friends, great at our jobs all at the same time? When we have so many essentials to juggle, we often feel like we are falling short in one area and killing it in another.

However, it is possible to give to all those things in our lives that matter to us — family, work, friends, activities we love to do.

What I call,

the essentials.

It’s possible to be a good writer for an hour. A great spouse for an hour. A great parent for an hour…

Jessica Lynn

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